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Wannabe 'Sugar Daddy' Freaks Out After Girl Posts His Creepy Messages Online

The internet can be a simultaneously beautiful and creepy place. One moment, you’re browsing through YouTube video tutorials on how to change a timing belt in your car. While you marvel at how modern technology and the kindness of strangers is allowing you to easily solve a problem from the comfort of your own home, a message pops up on Facebook from a random stranger.

So you check the message, and you’re immediately faced with the creepy side of internet, well, humanity really. Unfortunately, especially if you’re a girl, this is something that happens way too often.

Like this girl who got randomly propositioned by a dude who wanted to be her “sugar daddy”.

The guy either can’t get the hint that she’s not interested, or just doesn’t care.

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He then tries to make it about race, because of course there has to be a shallow reason for why she’s not interested in a random internet creeper.

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Then he calls her a b*tch.

03 - zP4HeRu

Amazingly, he still tries to flirt with her by bringing up a “time” they…

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