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Woman Finally Confesses To Feeding Her Child Just Milk And Kool-Aid

Taking care of any newborn child can be a daunting task, but when your child is born prematurely, there are a whole series of new health concerns that put the little one’s life at risk.

Premature babies are often born severely underweight and may have to be left in special machines until doctors and nurses believe your child is capable of surviving on their own. In an attempt to help premature babies overcome the odds, a series of new medicines and formulas have come on the market to them bulk up and add weight quickly.

When one Idaho mother decided to ignore her doctor’s suggestions for her premature daughter, she nearly starved the poor girl with an unusual diet.

Tiffany Knapp, a 21-year-old mother, admitted in court that she had severely starved and injured her child in the months following her birth.

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