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Woman Finds An Old Streetcar On Its Way To The Dump And Transforms It Into Something Spectacular

When must of us see trash, we just see simply that: trash. It’s of no use to us and we’re ready to buy something new. But most of us don’t have the imaginations of people like retired couple Mary and Gerhard Ringel.

The twosome found a beat-up streetcar for sale and envisioned a project that most of us would never imagine undertaking. What everyone else saw as a pile of junk, Mary and Gerhard found purpose in restoring. They rolled up their sleeves, primed their imaginations, and got to work. The end result is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

When retired couple Mary and Gerhard Ringel first bought this old streetcar, it was a rundown mess!


With a lot of love, patience, and imagination they turned it into the home of their…

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