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Woman Hangs 10,000 Rainbow Christmas Lights To Protest Against An Anti-LGBT Neighbor

This election has divided Americans like few in history and it was followed by a wave of hate crime attacks against minorities across the US. However, we still feel that hate can be fought with love. Or at least with passive aggression.

When the new neighbor of Lexi Magnusson expressed anti-LGBT opinions, Lexi decided to do something about it. “Our new neighbors are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later.” – she captioned her photo.

The new neighbor thought that Lexi still held the same belief about LGBT issues as the Church does, and even moved to Washington in order “to protect her children.”

“Thinking that we were allies, she went on to tell us how horrified she was when her son got turned down for prom because the girl was already planning on going with her girlfriend. And THEN the junior high had an assembly about transgender people where they spotlighted one of the students who is a transgender boy. I thought she had meant that the school outed him, which, in my book is horrifyingly wrong. Nope, he had organized the assembly and spoke of the realities of being transgender,” – Lexi wrote on reddit.

“That, coupled with the school’s justifications…

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