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Woman Goes Into Labor And Quickly Realizes Her Doctor Is Totally Drunk

The last topics of conversation expectant mother Alex Sims expected to hear in the delivery room were about happy hour and what drinks the doctor delivering her newborn baby had that day.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly what she and her family caught on tape during the birth of her son. Her normal doctor was on vacation so instead, Dr. Frank Delee, the on-call doctor at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, took over.

Before giving birth, Sims and her family found it quite odd that Delee had entered the room for surgery completely barefoot and smelling like booze, but things only got worse from there. Sims informed the doctor that her epidural had worn off, but he totally ignored her. Her mother noticed that once her grandson was born, his arm remained limp, which the doctor also swore off as nothing serious. The boy was later diagnosed with shoulder dystocia.

With clear signs that the man was drunk, nurses and other hospital staff continued through with the boy’s delivery. The…

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