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This Woman Used Photoshop To Trick Her Husband Into Thinking She Adopted A Coyote

I love animals, but there’s a part of me that feels bad about keeping them as pets. The thought of taking a cute lil’ puppy or kitten away from it’s mom and siblings doesn’t sit well with me. It might be an exaggerated reaction to something that’s perfectly normal, but in reality it doesn’t change the fact that I really want to have a little corgi running around the house, playing with my son.

So if I happened to come home one day and my wife surprised the family with a pet, I wouldn’t be mad.

But I might have some reservations if it was a coyote. Which is exactly what Kayla Eby convinced her husband of.


He freaked out when he discovered that it wasn’t a cute puppy she brought into their home, but a wild coyote.


I can’t say that I’d be necessarily ecstatic if my wife did the same, but, doesn’t it look like the guy’s over-acting just a tad?


It almost seems…a bit staged.


Like who speaks to their wife like that?


Then again, it’s not like I…

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