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This Young Woman Is Only Alive Today Because Of A Fart, And It's Pretty Great

We all know passing gas in public is taboo; nobody wants to do it, hear it or smell it. Though we don’t often talk about this bodily function, there are certainly many ways to describe it: breaking wind, cutting the cheese, tooting…the list goes on.

One word that we don’t usually associate with an indiscreet, gas-filled faux pas is “love.” The adoration you picture when you think of passion doesn’t exactly go hand-in-hand with the stench of methane…or does it?

Katie Venezia, a 19-year-old from Louisiana, has a very unique story about how her parents fell in love at a college frat party 25 years ago…and it reeks of romance.

Kate Venezia, a 19-year-old studying at the University of Louisiana, has a very unique…

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